New Media Lab

The New Media in Learning Laboratory (NML), active in both research and social intervention, runs experimental projects that aim to develop new theories of learning, new IT-rich and mobile-based curricula, technologies to assess the role of emotions, attention and mental states in learning, and to integrate state of the art technologies (computers, IT, mobile phone) in the educational context.

It also develops new theories of learning based on mental attributes, web-based, video-game-like testing interfaces to evaluate cognitive profiles and learning abilities. It has developed a diagnostic tool known as MAPS - Mental Attributes Profiling System. Furthermore, it develops software-based systems for the treatment of various conditions.

The New Media Lab is currently implementing several projects, among which is the coordination of the Cypriot Safer Internet Center (CyberEthics - and the coordination of a KA3 - ICT project on unifying learning differences (e-Hoop - NML is a partner on an FP7 project - Cardiac - focused on advancing research and development in the area of accessible and assistive ICT, on a Grundtvig Multilateral Project - Mingle - focused on language learning and on the EU Kids Online Network.

Last, the New Media Lab maintains strong and close collaborations with key stakeholders of the island such as the Cyprus Police, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Finance and the Pedagogical Institute.

Head: Elena Aristodemou