Working for FWC

Future Worlds Center Initiated

Hiring new people is an important milestone in the life of Future Worlds Center. It is usually associated with a major success in funding and launching a new project. The people who gave birth to a new project now need someone to join them in order to successfully implement the project. We do not search for workers, but for people to who we can trust our funds and success. We invest in them and expect them to do the same with others who join later! It is a challenge for us to identify people who meet the criteria for the expected type of work, but also who fit with our team. All hiring is part of a formal, transparent, and fair process. Job openings are advertised widely. Every applicant is expected to submit a CV, a letter describing the reasons why s/he wants to join and why s/he feels that s/he fits our culture, along with 2 potential referees. We interview all those who submit complete packages and go through the effort of “understanding” our organization. In the first round of interviews, each panel member can ask any questions they want and give marks to specific criteria when evaluating. A blind sum process results in a short list of a 3-5 people. In the next round we go in more depth and try to identify those who really share our philosophy, are capable and hard workers, and most importantly, those who will be fun to work with.

Self Initiated

Some of us at Future Worlds Center have never been actually “recruited.” We made it here because we wanted to! We discovered the Future Worlds Center and felt strongly that we deserve to be part of this world. And now we are here to support others who really fit and really want to join. If you feel that way, talk to us, prove your reasons and readiness to work hard and go through a phase of sacrifice as to create your place here.